Update: Piwik 1.2 Web Analytics erschienen

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Update: Piwik 1.2 Web Analytics erschienen

Nachdem vor wenigen Tagen Piwik 1.2 für das iPhone / iPad erschienen ist, kam heute dementsprechend auch die Version 1.2 der Server Version heraus.

Nach Erster Erfahrung scheint Piwik 1.2 richtig flott zu laufen.


#1363 New Api function Actions.getPageUrls to make it easy to search for a given URL or path
#409 Implement first party cookie in Piwik
#1736 Segmentation in API
#1984 Custom Variables support: new JS API and new reports
#1916 Fix Edge case: each page is a new visit
#1698 archive.sh compatible with Freebsd (using /bin/sh instead of /bin/bash)
#1973 Work around php bug #53632 (CVE-ID: 2010-4645)
#1974 Archiving doesn’t work anymore on 1.1.x with the cron script
#1965 Can’t install automatically piwik 1.1.1 on some php 5.2 setups
#2056 Mails are again sent to the superuser and not to the creator
#1991 Goal matching regex – test for regression
#1966 Live! plugin performance issues
#2078 piwik.js: enableLinkTracking() not working in Safari/Chrome/Webkit
#1765 update to ZF 1.11.3
#1780 Missing index in mysql table piwik_options
#1625 CSS3 Support for IE 8 with CSS3PIE
#1373 Visitor Generator should update website ts_created field with earliest date
#1460 Workaround broken mod_security rules causing Piwik to not track visits
#334 UI: click on Next/Previous should scroll up for subtables
#1888 Piwik_Period_Day->toString() should support variable formats
#173 API responses sub tables should contain same metrics as parent tables (filters should be applied recursively)
#2018 PDF font text appear white in PDFs when read in google PDF reader
#555 UI: Widgets are too wide in dashboard:“goals“ and „advanced“ table view should be disabled in the dashboard
#1961 Reports do not send whilst set to a daily basis
#2115 piwik.js: configTrackerUrl cannot contain a „?“ for GET request method
#1556 Installation – english labels inconsistency
#1709 Visitors > Settings > Wide screen report Mobile/Tablet screens
#752 piwik.js: Tracking middle clicks automatically (they do not fire onclick event)
#1553 Tracker API improvements : enable set IP and set server date & time
#1940 Detect output compression conflict
#1382 Sites Manager and Users Manager – Save Confusion
#1417 Disable tree-like structure in Actions>Page titles report
#1388 Page URLs should not record the hash part of the URL
#1600 Action datatables should use integer indexes rather than string indexes (smaller size and faster access)
#2015 Clarify reverse_proxy vs proxy headers
#1947 Live! real time reorders last visitors on display
#2027 Grey out the ‚Update‘ button after click to prevent multiple starts of update
#2007 Performance: don’t store md5 as strings in the log tables
#2046 Installation: improve „Re-use existing tables“
#2067 Remove alpha/transparency layer from icons
#1827 Review use of preg_* functions on long strings
#2106 javascript: json2 and jslint updates
#1951 Add sentence to give count of Users and Websites at top of page
#1980 UI: Piwik admin UI should be consistent with main app (color, styles)
#1898 Page Titles report should be as complete as Page URLs report
#1803 Add a column „Alias“ to Manage Users Access
#1740 UsersManager: Sort list of websites alphabetically
#739 piwik.js enhancements
#2061 Allow Users API to return specific users, rather than the full list
#2062 New API UsersManager.getUsersWithSiteAccess(idSite, access)
#2042 Add ‚category‘ field to Websites, to allow easier bulk access management
#2068 Live! widget to work when embedded on a third party page with token_auth
#2051 PDF: usability – disabling of scheduled reports
#2099 UserAgentParser: misdetect Shiira and Safari
#2100 All websites dashboard config setting to set number of websites per page (50 by default)
#1107 Tracker: consecutive goal conversions from same visitor create new visit
#1950 Compressed assets not being removed on update
#1963 PDFReports: cron task stops with Error: Object of class Piwik_Date could not be converted to int (piwik/core/Date.php on line 47)
#1962 Object doesn’t support property/method in piwik.js and IE7
#1967 Install doesn’t work on free.fr (using 5.1.3RC4)
#1970 Add new user fails with message „The login has to be between 3…“
#1977 Consistency check fails for few files in some cases
#1976 Yandex search referers not tracked properly
#1968 Add cache busting string to download URL
#1979 Regression: UsersManager> Apply to all websites not working
#1829 Improve UI speed: cancel ajax requests on menu click
#1981 Scheduled PDF Reports very slow when thousands of websites in Piwik
#1993 SecurityInfo plugin: fileperms error with session.save_path
#1998 Performance Tracker: delete column and INDEX and reuse another one
#2001 Creation of directory /tmp/templates_c while using api
#1958 Broken json extension: Login not working in 1.1.1 for some users
#2004 SEO: Yahoo siteexplorer no longer expects URLs to be prefixed by http://
#2002 Performance: Denormalize one logging table
#2006 Countries/Continents: .cy Cyprus is in EU
#2020 Show ‚DB upgrade‘ message on update, only when there is a schema update
#2023 SEO – Domain Age no longer fetching age
#2022 Actions > Exit/Entry pages Next/Previous links a bit buggy
#1949 Bug in yearly archiving in very rare case
#1848 ‚No data in this category. Try to „Include all popu…‘ when accessing a subtable after pagination in Page URLs or Page titles reports
#2026 UI: Pages DataTable, many similar http requests triggered
#2047 DBStats: mysql_connect() dependency
#2052 Creation of PDF reports fails in some cases, uses too much memory
#2069 Exit rate should use visits to the page, not hits
#2093 PDF Reports don’t use user’s language
#2054 Live plugin: Incorrect representation of the Week results under „Visitors – Visitors log“
#2076 Visitor Log month view is incomplete
#1988 All websites report should not show unique visitors column for ‚year‘

Quelle: Piwik Changelog


Benutzer sollen beim Upgrade dabei achten, dass das archive.sh File (CronJob) ausführbar ist (chmod +x archive.sh) und vom richtigen Cron User ausgeführt werden kann.


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